The various tips and tricks to keep in mind

On this article you will find important tips and tricks that will help you to come up with little money and the perfect rental car. And apart from these if you want more information you may always check Europe Car Club.

Planning well means saving money!

Booking in advance is the best and easiest option to get a rental car at the best price. The closer to the time of rental, the higher the car rental prices, because there are fewer available rental cars, for example, if you want to rent on holidays, summer and / or weekends, it is advisable to complete the booking as early as possible. The demand is much higher, the selection of cars is decreasing rapidly and the remaining cars are more expensive than on any Tuesday in winter, for example. Normally, it is enough to book 2 months in advance. However, it may happen that the prices fall 2 weeks before renting. Another advantage you have enough time to think about what you really need, to inquire and compare prices.

Book as early as possible to secure good prices and the desired car category

If the prices fall after the booking, you can cancel your existing booking, and make a new one. As a rule, it is possible to cancel the reservation up to 48 hours before rental, free of charge. Try to book several cars at the same time. If your travel plans are still unclear, but you still want to book in advance, then you can do the following make several bookings, and cancel the bookings you do not need. Sounds weird because you only need a rental car but is very useful if your travel date is not yet 100% certain, or you find several offers good, and still need some time to consider the best option. This trick can also be very helpful if you have not yet booked the flight, but would like to book your rental car. Often you will find a few weeks before departure cheap flight options, but the cheap car rental offers are already booked.
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Plans burst? Change travel date

If you suddenly cannot start your journey and you are outside of the cancellation period, change the collection date. Why? Because changing the dates is possible usually free of charge, but for a worst case cancellation 100% of the paid amount will be withheld from the car rental company or a penalty (per provider from 30 € to 95 €) will be charged. If it is allowed to cancel the booking from 48 to 24 hours before rental, change the date. Cancel your booking after changing the date to avoid extra charges.


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